Friday, 28 January 2011

What a week 4 its been

Well what a week this has been, it certainly has been a challenge this week. I started the week very inspired and motivated so thought why not do some hand sewing. I love hand sewing but it is one of those crafts you really need to have time to do and definitely the patience. So my usual put the kids to bed then get on with the crafts applied. I created some lovely items for myself and my daughter to use. But things are always too good to be true and because i started off on a good note things were bound to go wrong.
With Saturday, Sunday and Mondays crafts made i thought i was on a roll but then came Tuesday. On Tuesday i took my baby and my other half out for a lovely lunch. We had a great time, even the baby enjoyed running around and spying on other peoples plates, so when i came home i put the baby down for his afternoon nap and decided to join him. When i woke up i felt as though i had been hit by a bus. My whole body ached and i had the worse headache that i have ever experienced.

That was the beginning of my flu. As the week went on i felt progressively worse but knowing that i couldn't stop my challenge just because i was poorly i decided to opt for the good old faithful jewellery, although i did start to attempt knitting a pair of booties for my friend who has just given birth to a baby boy. Unfortunatly this knitting pattern is a little bit hard for me to understand so this is definatly an ongoing project. Think i might have to take a trip to my local wool shop to see if they can help me fathom it out.
I am now typing to you tucked up with soup, plenty of medicine, lots of water and cups of tea from my daughter. My partner has been really good too waiting on me and taking care of our little one. I am never ever poorly so this has been a real set back for me (i must be poorly because i have not even put my make up on).

So anyway back to my crafts, i hope your not disappointed with my makes this week but i have stuck to my challenge even though I'm poorly.

I hope you like each item and i will see you all next week with lots more items. I am hopefully going to start including more info and tutorials so watch this space

Thanks to all my followers for supporting me it keeps me going and motivated to carry on and i'm really SORRY for moaning.

Lots of love to you all



First item is a pin cushion set on top of a jar so i can store all my loose buttons in. I tend to collect lots of buttons although i don't really have any proper storage for them so this was an ideal way for me to store both my buttons and pins.

The next item i made was yet again another pin cushion but this time for my daughter. She saw mine and complained that she didn't have anywhere to store her pins, so guilt trip set in I made her this pin cushion in the shape of a raspberry.

So my next item i saw in this months addition of sew hip magazine. I love brooches and love jazzing up plain clothing with accessories. This was quite a simple item to make and only took about 40 Min's to complete. This is hand sewn so that's why it takes time but the finished result is very affective.

My next item i decided to make a pair of earrings. Women never have enough earrings and ilove earrings so i made some beautiful chandelier style earrings with green and silver beads.This necklace was made with cord for the chain and some heart beads which i have saved for a rainy day.This bracelet has got to be my favourite item this week. I made this using safety pins, beads and clear elastic. It may look complicated but the way to make this is by cutting 2 pieces of clear elastic (size of wrist) then next add onto the safety pins some small beads. You then thread 2 beads onto the elastic then thread a safety pin. Do this until all safety pins are on, then repeat on the bottom. Its a very effective design which looks expensive

This brown memory wire beaded bracelet is another beautiful design and i love working with memory wire (although it can be tough to bend). With memory wire your imagination can go into overdrive with the colour of the beads you apply. Brown is one of my favourite colours (along with green) so i decided to stick with safe this week and make something i could wear out next week when i am feeling better

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