Sunday, 31 July 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Good morning to you all,

This week has been quite a hectic one with my children all being on school holidays, my car breaking down, getting towed off the motorway, paying a fortune to get it removed, hiring a van to take items out of it and also going to the car the other day to find that some scally has stolen it for scrap. Haha i hear you say noooooooooo its not a lie it all happened this week. Just another week of my life.
That's not all, i was busy completing my first edition of the NCT (local) newsletter and to top everything off because we didn't have a car sorted until the Friday i was biking everywhere with my children. (Shattering)
Oh yes i decided to wake up on Wednesday and take take the children (except my eldest because she was doing her volunteering work) to Liverpool for the day. This was a  lovely day out except we missed 2 trains home so didn't get home until gone 10.30pm.
Amongst all this i, believe it or not actually managed to make some craft item which i will upload later on (when i get round to photographing)
So now its Sunday morning (31st July 2011) and I'm up early with the baby but all he wants to do is make me sit in his little tykes playhouse and make cups of tea. That's all good and well except I'm nearly 6 foot so its slightly cramped inside.
I live the life of a mad red head with mad children and things you wouldn't believe that happen to me.
So today's Sunday, a day of rest or so i wish, hope and pray for, but in reality i know that won't happen for me. Probably another bike ride or i may drag the children to a big park to play.
Yesterday i went with all my kids to the beach in anglesey which after 3 attempts we found a lovely beach, although it took us 3 hours driving for a 1 hour journey. Like i said my life is very unpredictably funny but its my life and I LOVE IT.!!!!!!

Me and my baby boy on the beach

Me and my eldest (my baby girl) on the beach

Just about to get on the big wheel at Liverpool with my girls

Love and blessings

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The end of a good time

It is with a sad heart that i now am giving up my challenge. This is for many reasons, but the main instigator is that my mother was taken into hospital 6 weeks ago and because i was back and too at least 2 -3 times a day i have been struggling with time. Running a family, a home and taking care of my mother who is now on the mend has been a very hard and challenging time. I am very sad that i cannot carry on this challenge but it has proven to me that having a large family and commiting to such a challenge, fun though its been can be very hard to carry on with especially when other things, problems get thrown into the equation.
I will carry on blogging and carry on  making items but i wont be committing myself to getting stressed with making one item each day. This is probably a good challenge for someone who has no children or maybe one or two and no other commitments.
I will be blogging my items that i have done over the next week so watch this space.
Thank you to all my supporters i really appreciate everyone who has been following me.

Thank you all !!!!!!!

Sarah xxxxxxxx