Friday, 7 January 2011

My first 7 days

So here goes my first 7 items as promised on day number 7. hat a week its been and although i have lots of fun i have found that i really need to organise my time to complete my items. I must say though i have had a busy week because it was back to school and also my baby boys first birthday. One of the items (well 2 actually) were for my little boy and i was so excited that i made them. During this week i have learnt that i need to plan in advance what i will make so i have not only the idea but the equipment and materials to make my craft items with.

I also decided that i need to expand my knowledge of craft items so i have booked to start a 6 week sewing course starting next week. I am so looking forward to attending this and can't wait to begin producing items from my classes. I have so many ideas in my head so i need to start making notes and researching how to guides. I also really quite fancy trying to crochet and knit some items but i know these will take a lot longer than just a day so my plan with this is to begin but to only spend a small amount of time each day on each item so i don't waste my other time. With such a big family to take care of this certainly has been a challenge for the first week but i know with my time management and focus i will be able to do this. I am also hoping that when my girls need presents for parties etc i can help out by creating a lovely bespoke item for each person.

My speciality has got to be jewellery because this is something i love making and although i can make items i still have such a lot to learn, same as the sewing. I also intend to make lots of different items over the year which i have NO idea how to make now and have had no experience of making before.

So here goes, day number 1. My first item was a rag doll for my beautiful baby boy. This was something that i have really fancied making for a while but not got round to doing, so Sarah style i grabbed a pen and piece of paper and drew an outline of a doll then cut it out. I then put over some plain material and there i had my base. I also decided that because it was for my little boy i would sew on the eyes, nose and mouth and personalise it by sewing on his name on the back.

The second day i thought it was only right to clothe the doll so i made a hat and a dressing gown (or dress as my 7 year old informed me). Personally i think that the doll looks like a pontipine or whatenger from in the night garden but that's just my way of looking at it. Anyway its in blue so acceptable for a boy.

Day 3 i decided that i would make an item of jewellery, and this would be a bracelet. I love working with wire so sat around for an hour or so thinking about different ways to make it than thought why not twist wire. I love making swirls with wire it looks so beautiful so elegant and once you know what you are doing is quite easy to manipulate. So here is item number 3

Day number 4 it was only appropriate that i make a pair of matching earrings to look beautiful with the bracelet. So here is item number 4

Day number 5 i thought i would stay on the jewellery theme and make a simple brooch using my sewing skills. This is very simple to make and a very pretty accessory to complete a simple outfit.I finished it off by sewing on a button to look like the middle of a flower.

Day number 6 i was feeling a little adventurous so decided on another brooch but this time with beads and wire. This brooch was quite fiddly and took some time to make (hence i was up till nearly midnight finishing it, but finish it i would). This took a lot of winding wire around and back through the beads. It is quite big so i think this will be an item i will wear on a coat, a nice going out type coat.

My final day 7 (well not final but final for this post) i thought i would attempt to make a simple tote bag to store my (or some of my craft items in) This was a simple bag with which i didn't use a pattern but simply folded and doubled the material over to make it look the same on the inside as out (reversible too). I love this bag although next time i think i will make it a little bit wider and bigger. But this is what this challenge is all about, learning and expanding my knowledge.

So the thought for the week. Learn to follow patterns and to manage my time.

Let me know what you think, i hope you like the items ans i am pleased with them all for my first week. I now need to go away and plan for the week ahead so lots of love and happy reading



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  1. Loving the dragonfly!!! Very nice and never seen anything similar so well done.