Sunday, 2 January 2011

SO Excited!!!!!

This is my 2nd blog and for some reason everytime i try to edit it i loose all my work. AAAARRRRRGGGGGG. So now i am frustrated. All i was going to blog was that i have made a start and now on day 2 i am really getting into the swing of my crafting. But for some stupid reason the blog doesnt like me and i keep deleting everything i write. So here we go AGAIN. This time i will keep it short and just quickly explain why i am blogging so soon. I want to thank my new followers and to let you all know that i have just completed my 2nd item. This is really a lovely item because it is special. Yesterday i made a BOY rag doll for my little baby boy who will be 1 on Tuesday. Today i have completed the clothes. I have had no training in anything that i make (so far) although i intend on attending some course this year. My partner wasn't impressed about the present i made my little one but that is just a man thing and he thinks i should have made a knitted football or car.
I just wanted to give a quick blog(and this one will be because this is my 3rd attempt, already lost 2 drafts) because i wanted to let everyone know how happy i am to have this challenge in my life. Not only does it give me something to aim for it opens my mind to lots of new ideas and creations.
I will be updating in a few day with my first lot of pictures so watch this space
Lots of love for now


  1. Ohhh, a boy rag doll, how lovely! Football? Car? I have a little boy who turned 2 a couple of months ago and he's got several dolls ... aswell as a lot of cars and balls and other boyish things. Boys need dolls too, maybe one day they'll be a daddy afterall!

  2. That's lovely. I'm sure my little one will love it, will just have to watch his dad doesn't accidentally throw it away. Its nice to make something for someone special. Xxx