Friday, 8 April 2011

Weeks 13 and 14

Well here we are again, another week another set of items, except this week is 2 rolled into 1 again. For this i hope is okay i have just been very busy and finding the time to sit down and type my post is hard. I prefer spending time making my items. But anyway i have been busy but will try my hardest to make a concerned effort to upload my items each week, or maybe every couple of days.
These past two weeks i have concentrated on sewing although i have thrown in a few steam punk items. I have decided i need to broaden my horizons so if anyone has any suggestions or ideas please leave a comment, every one is read. I need to try and put myself on some day courses for different crafts so thinking cap on and brains at the ready.
Anyway back to my items.
These past two weeks like i said i have concentrated on sewing items and although a few items are similar they took me a while to complete.
So here we go, check out the items and PLEASE leave a comment and let me know what you think.
Like i said before any other suggestions will be really appreciated.
Lots of love

So i started the week with a simple ring. These were bits that i had bought some weeks before so i just attached them with super glue to a ring base and i think that it looks good.

A simple button necklace. I used a long piece of wire and bent it in half. I attached the buttons then curled the bottom.

My dress which i made a little too small for me (my aim is to get into it soon because i have already lost 2 stone on slimming world, just 1 more to go). So i got my eldest daughter to model it, the only problem is now that she likes it and wants to keep it. NO WAY!!!!!

A simple flower for the hair. This sewn flower was made by attaching seperate petals then adding a bobble on the back

The same as the flower above but made with a brooch attachment on the back. The patals are made from cutting out 6 squares then folding them diagnol and sewing on the outside, contiue until all petals are attached together

A simple skirt made for my 10 year old daughter. As you can see ffrom the picture she likes the skirt

Another simple skirt but this was made for my 14 year old (who unfortunatly had gone out while i was taking the pictures, so it is modelled by my 17 yr old).

A steam punk necklace made with key and heart, ROMANTIC!!!!!!!!

Another flower but attached to a head band for my 8 yr old

Applicique flower made to match the skirt for my 10 yr old

Another flower (wow i like my flowers) for my 14 yr old to match her skirt

Applique brooch

Applique brooch again
And last but not least i decided to complete my 2 week by making a pair of earring to match the necklace