Friday, 4 February 2011

Week 5

This week I started to feel lots better so having thought about what i wanted to make i came up with blank. OH NO can it be I've run out of things to make!!!!!!. No i just had no idea what to make this week and with being poorly the week before all my energy has been drained, and my mind too.
Anyway my friend gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and called him Arthur so what better than to make baby Arthur some lovely items.

Inspired i decided to start week 5 with a simple task, so with my latest copy of sew hip i began cutting out the material.
Over this week i have made 5 lovely items for baby Arthur and 2 for my beautiful baby boy. I LOVE sewing and when i get the time it relaxes me. Its not a good hobby to do when you have children asking and mithering for things constantly so i have to pick my time carefully. This week has flown by and i am now starting to think about what to make for the coming week. I have 2 of my daughters birthdays this week so maybe something for them. Also tomorrow my 2 eldest daughters and I are attending the stitch and creative craft show so i am hoping i will come away inspired with lots of new ideas. I am booking us in to a couple of demonstrations/workshops with card making, jewellery etc.
Anyway lets get onto my items. Hope you enjoy browsing them as much as i did making them. I will let you know what my friend thinks of her present soon.
I have uploaded each item in no particular order this week as i as find it can take hours uploading each one. So sorry for this but i am trying to workout how to download the new version of blogger because my daughter has said it is easier to write under each picture.
Take care and lots of love

This wasitcoat is a fantastic piece of clothing for winter days and i made this for baby Arthur to match the next item (booties)

This was made from a pattern that i have had sitting around for nearly a year but never dared to attempt. I am quite pleased with the outcome although i think i can still practice on this one. A lovely pair of bootiesThis lovely little hat is made with awarm fleece material to keep the little head warm. It also matches the other item made so far

I couldn't resist making another wasitcoat but for my little one. As you can see from the picture he looks impressed teehee
This blanket was quite easy to make although i decided to personalise it by adding baby Arthurs name. A lovely presentThe last item is another hat. I love this material it is so warm but it is quite hard to work with. Unfortunatly i am usually covered in fluffy bits after working with this and the item always needs to be washed before used, but all in all i love this hat

This was an idea because i have just moved my little one into his room, so i thought why not make a little cushion. And what better was to practice my applique. He loves penguins so i decided to go for that and i am pleased with the outcome. I still need to practice my applique and have ordered a few books this week but i love this


  1. Want me a penguin pillow! How cute is that.

  2. Hi, thought you might like some free publicity for your blog, so I've 'nominated' you for a stylish blogger award :)