Friday, 21 January 2011

Week 3

Well this week has been a strange week for crafts. I began the week by becoming hooked on knitting and crocheting (well more the knitting). So i thought 'why not have a wool week'. That was my intentions but nothing ever goes to plan. I made a few knitted items but have also just grasped the moment and made a few random items too.

Every wednesday i have my sewing class so this inspired me to sew a few items, which i was so proud of. I learnt 2 new techniques at my sewing class this week which i was so pleased at. I have been sewing on and off for over 20 years but because i am self taught i did'nt understand certain instructions. So at my sewing class this week i learnt how to applique and how to sew a zip. SIMPLE i hear you cry but i have always struggled with these and by just taking a few minutes to sit down and listen to my teacher i came away from the class with not only my new techniques but a big beaming smile on my face.

On tuesday i took a trip to the wool shop (which is so sad to be excited about) but i felt in my element. There were lots of old and young people in there all ready to hand out help and advice. Think i might go back next week with my needles and get more advice.

So back to the crafts, each one has been made with total determination this week and due to the fact that i am a new knitter i am quite proud of myself.

First item, day 1 i decided to knit my little one a teddy. He LOVED it and now carrys this everywhere with him (BLESS)

Second item i knit a scarf, again for my little boy. It certainly keeps him warm and was knit with thick chunky wool using a basic garter stitch and finished with blue ribbon on the ends.

Adventurous now on day three i decided to knit abag. Well tell a small lie, i began knitting another scarf and got a little fed up with it because it was plain and boring so i decided to turn it into a bag

Day 4 and i wanted to make something different so i opted for a cluster ring. This was just for me to give me that BLING feeling!!!!

Day 5 and i attended my sewing class so what better than to show you my finished makeup bag with applique and a zip teehee

Day 6 i made a lovely owl. This was such a simple pattern, followed from sewhip magazine. At the moment i'm not sure who i will give this one too as all my children love it. mmmmmmmm maybe i will keep it until the next birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 7 i thought i would end week 3 on a wool one, so i knit a case for my phone. I have been meaning to go out and buy a case but why buy one when i can make one. I think that will have to be my motto, why buy what i can make

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