Friday, 14 January 2011

Week two

So here we are on week two and I'm still LOVING making crafts. This week has been interesting because i have had to organise myself (which is something I'm not fab at doing even though i have 5 kids). I have decided that each week i will try (i say try because i know what I'm like) to plan what crafts i am going to make for the week ahead. This way i can make sure i have enough stock in and i can make sure i know how much time because during the week the kids all have have after school clubs etc. So anyway back to the crafts, i have signed myself up to a sewing class which lasts for 6 weeks although the tutor has said she keeps it going so we just pay every 6 weeks for the classes. The first class was on Wednesday and i LOVED it. I met like minded people and because i took my eldest daughter we got to spend quality time together as well as being able to bounce ideas off each other and make lots of pretty things. This week i made a bag, something i have wanted to do because the pattern for this bag looked more complicated than the bag i made last week. In fact the bag was simple to make i just needed to break it down into steps. Having a qualified teacher to show me how to make the bag step by step helped me such a lot and inspired me to come home and make something else the following day. I am really looking forward to my class next week and i really want to attend other classes now for other crafts.

This week i have made a mixture although my specialities are definitely sewing and jewellery (well i wouldn't say specialities, more like i feel comfortable making). I really need to expand my horizons and venture out into other crafts which i am not so sure about or not as confident with.
This week i also had a slight blow because the doctor called and explained that i need to see a Rheumatologist due to what my x-ray and blood tests show before Christmas. I am feeling positive about this because after speaking to some fab people on the craft forum they have helped me to understand that its not the end of the world and i will still be able to carry on crafting.
So anyway lets get on with showing my crafts.

Day 8 i decided to make a necklace, rose necklace out of polymere clay. This was quite easy to make but it just took some time. I'm really pleased with the out come. I plaited the cord for the chain part to coordinate it with the rose

Day 9 i made a beaded Bracelet. I wrapped wire around the memory wire to keep the beads in place.

Day 10 i crocheted a headband. Took me a few hours to complete and the compliment came from my eldest who said she will wear it for college.

Day 11 i choose to make a wire ring. I love wrapping wire so became creative and was really pleased with the outcome. I added a few beads on for that little bling

Day 12 i used my (not so fab) crocheting skills and attempted to make a bracelet again. I added on a few beads and a clasp. Not too bad although this one is definatly a skill i will be working on.

Day 13 i went to sewing class and made a fold over bag. Really love this bag and will definatly be using this on a daily basis.

So whats the point of having a bag without having a matching purse so day 14 thats what i made. This was so simple (even though i have always thought it looked complecated. I used a basic pattern shown by my sewing teacher and oooo lala a purse is formed.


  1. Oh lordy! You have been busy!! Oh and what I found funny - *listening to Bad Romance Lady Gaga* JUST as I was reading the Oooh lala a bit in your post that bit of the song came on. LOL.

    Good job !!

  2. Im totally stunned by your blog! :)

    Brilliant and inspirational, and a fabulous idea to make something each day, and take a little time for yourself to create.

    Love what you have done so far, the rose necklace is outstanding, and I love the idea of a crochet bracelet.



  3. What a great idea!! Love what you have made :)

  4. An idea for you that would be do-able in a day - plastic bag bunting! I made some to decorate our pergola for an outdoor birthday party last year and it was so much fun. Plus it's a great bit of re-using, so you're being environmentally friendly too. It might literally cost you nothing! I won't put the link here coz that's a bit spammy but come and search my blog under Bunting for when I did it. So much fun!
    x x x