Saturday, 21 May 2011

Week 20

Its funny how you can get so involved with a craft even when you have never had an interest in it before. This week i have developed my obsession and carried on with card making and i have even booked myself on a course. Again this week i have spent more money, bought more magazines and read (well flicked through) lots of books. Its amazing the scope you get with card making and your imagination knows no limits. I've begun a craft i honestly thought i would never attempt (mostly because my partners ex use to make cards and he always comment how boring she was). I was not good at art when i was at school although i loved drawing but with card making i have been able to draw with the stamps and colour the pictures in.
What i have also found quite shocking is how expensive die cutting machines can be. I bought an embossing machine last week for £20 but when i looked into the price of die cutters i was stunned on how much they cost and the accessories (templates) too.
So i have decided to use a Stanly knife and cut my costs. I also fancy trying scrap booking although i will need to look into that first before i begin.
So here are my cards from this week, including today (saturday) so i have 8 items. Hope you enjoy looking and see you next week
lots of love

I used my flower stamp to cut out the edges.

I embossed this card then for an added affect lightly charked over the card with darker chalking over the butterflys

I added chalk to the embossed writing


  1. hiya sj , totally understand how you feel about the cost of cardmaking and all the accessories but it can be done with limited machines , just need imagination and stash x love all your cards you did this week , my fav is the last one i love the bunting and how vintage it looks x ps your husbands ex must have been just a boring person nothing to do wiht her cardmaking
    happy crafting

  2. Uhooi,,
    Waw,, These cards are very nice, beautiful and creative,,