Saturday, 4 June 2011

Week 21 and 22

Hello dear bloggers and how are you all???? It's been a hectic busy couple of weeks in my household. We've had exams for the oldest 2, lots of different appointments, ferrying my mum about, parties, and school holidays so all in all a couple of busy weeks. This is why, yet again i am combining 2 weeks into one post. I decided to have a bit of a change and create some jewellery but i have concentrated on rings. As time has been limited some of my items only took upto 30 minutes to make and some a bit less. Although some a bit more so again i ask for you all to comment and let me have feedback on my items. PLEASE.
Before i upload my pictures i will just tell you about the course both myself and my daughter are going on this week. This i a card making course although i have not yet been on one of these in depth courses so i am hoping to pick up quite a few ideas and tips.
Watch and See
Anyway as bugs bunny Say's 'Thats all folks'
Love and hugs and see you all soon.
This was a ring i made for my 10 year old daughter. She has worn it ever since i have made it and all her ffriends have commented on how they want one for their birthdays

I was on a roll so i decided to make another one just incase we have any birthdays coming up soon

Good old wirework ring.

Beautiful green gem ring

Same as above but with lace added

Red rose Ring. This is quite large

Handmade bow ring with sewn beads on

Button bead ring

Love heart button ring

Flower button ring

Wire work necklace with red beads

Another wirework ring with a bell on the end

Butterfly and hearts steampunk  bracelet

Key to my heart bracelet

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