Saturday, 14 May 2011

Week 19

This week i have managed to keep my blog up to date (so a round of applause for me teehee) but i have managed to venture into the unknown and try out a new craft. This week  i threw myself into card making. This, i thought, would be simple and quite an easy craft to undertake but in Sarah style nothing is ever easy. What better way to begin a new craft than to go and buy a couple of magazines with simple step by step instructions. I didn't just buy a couple of magazines though i also spent a small fortune on cards, stamps, embossing machine, embossing pads, stickers etc.
I never realised just how much a new Craft costs and just how many new items i would need to buy. I suppose if you just want to make a couple of cards you only need a small starter pack but i love to have a variety of items when making things so i just thought why not build up my collection and buy what i am drawn to. 
So back to the cards, as it turned out one of my daughters had a couple of friends birthdays this week so she made the present and i used this opportunity to begin my week of card making. I allowed myself 30 minutes each day this week because over the week i have been struggling with my organisation so with 30 minutes each evening (or more if i had the time) i managed to start my craft at 9pm each night.
I have thoroughly enjoyed making cards and this morning took another trip to our local craft shop to purchase some more stamps and water colour pencils.

Anyway enough typing now and on with the pictures.

Enjoy looking and i will see you all next week.

Take Care
Lots of Love

This was the first card i attempted using a stamp and colouring in the bits which needed colour. Stamping is addictive

I wanted to make girly cards so i thought what better way but to make a ballet dress card. I bought all the bits and then glued them onto the card

This technique uses sticking pictures ontop of each one.

I made this card with my new embossing machine. LOVE IT!!!!! I cut the hearts out by hand and glued them onto the card

Again i used my embossing machine and coloured in some of the flowers

This too was using my embossing machine with butterflys glued back over

And last but not least i cut out all the shapes by hand and stamped on the card.

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