Saturday, 5 March 2011

Week 9

Firstly i will start off this post with an apology. I am so sorry that i am a day late in uploading my items this week but i have had a slightly busy, (mega hectic) week. Days flow by so fast and with my 5 children, life, shopping and making all my crafts i cannot find enough time for the time to relax. This week was my birthday week (well yesterday Friday 4th march) so from an early start to a late night i did not have enough time during the day to upload my post. I had a totally fantastic day yesterday and that is all thanks to my fantastic children and wonderful partner. I was woken up at 6am yesterday  morning to 4 sets of tiptoeing feet running up and down the stairs. When i eventually got out of bed at 7am i went downstairs to find the house decorated with balloons and banners. The kitchen and downstairs had been cleaned up and on the kitchen table was a tier of small cake with a candle on signing happy birthday. The girls spoilt me rotten, made me food, drinks and beautiful presents (which i was told i had to wear throughout the day). After the rabbles all went to school my eldest daughter, myself and my baby all attended toddler group, where we ate lots of cakes and drunk lots of tea. Then the afternoon my partner and baby took me for a wonderful meal. Home time came round and then we all went ten pin bowling. By the time we got home and got everyone into bed it was 10pm, glass of wine time. Then off to bed for an early start this morning because my eldest daughters and i attended a mind, body and spirit fair.
Thursday evening my eldest daughter and i went to see psychic sally live. She was amazing and even though the tickets were my birthday present from my eldest daughter i would DEFINITELY go back again to see her as she fascinated me. The rest of the week has been busy with normal day to day things such as shopping, appointments, craft making, homework and the usual spending quality time with each of my children. OH YES i almost forgot. I had a midlife crisis moment on Thursday afternoon, i took my eldest daughter (she is 17) and we both went and had our belly buttons pierced. teeeeheeee.
So a busy busy week this week but i managed to make an item each day. The past few weeks i have concentrated on jewellery and have done so again this week only because my daughter wants some beautiful item for her vintage stall. I hope to try and get back into making different items next week. I hope you like what you see and i promise i will begin making more varied items soon
Lots of love
Waiting to see psychic Sally

The tiered cakes that my daughters made for me on my birthday (6 am in the morning)

First item, a pair of earrings made from polymer clay.

A beautiful pair of earrings made with polymer clay. This is really easy to work with once you know how and the list is endless as to what you can make

Love these earrings because they make me feel a big glam. Made with my daughters beads that she bought (don't tell her teeheee)

Small beaded cluster Ring. To make this ring i added small beads to some wire and wrapped around a ring base (with holes in).

Again another ring but this one was made with polymer clay, beads attached and added onto a flat ring base

I LOVE wire wrapping so this ring is one of my favourites. I wrapped the wire to form the ring then with the extra wire i twisted and added a pearl onto it.

This ring was made on the same principal as the last ring but instead of adding on a pearl i added on a charm bird. I love making rings like this because you can make them to adjust to any finger size.

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  1. hiya happy belated birthday for last friday x looks like you had a ball and were spoiled by your lovely family x i love the jewlerey you made this week it is all fab x i have awarded you a stylish blogger award so op by my blog and pick up the award