Friday, 25 February 2011

Week 8

Little miss Retro Craft Stall  last weekend

My Angel Cards Stall

Daisy Bracelet with a chain for easy access

Memory wire bracelet

Beautiful Chain with large purple bead and swarzoski bead

Earrings for my friends Birthday

I love these earrings, made with silver plated feathers

I decided to have a go making fimo charms to use on our jewellery, these are what i made and i am quite pleased with how they turned out, especially the gingerbread man.
The necklace that i made for my friends birthday this week. She was really pleased with it and loved it also because purple is her favourite colour

Wow what a busy week it's been and i must first apologise for not updating the blog as i said i would.
The week began last Saturday with myself and my eldest daughters attending a craft and vintage fair. My eldest daughter has started a new venture, a vintage clothing and accessory stall, so i made the banner for her and she organised the stall. The jewellery that she sold on the stall was a mixture of new (made by all 3 of us) and old vintage pieces bought from charity shops and antique centres.
I had a stall next to her reading Angel cards. This has been a passion of mine for a while and i have read them for a number of years but always been to family members and friends (and friends of friends).
We really enjoyed this fair and i did many readings which has encouraged us to attend more fairs (because i have the car so she needs me to go to them).
The rest of the week was a blur and has flown by. My younger girls have all been back at school although my eldest has had the week off college so we have been out most days, attending jumble sales, play dens, craft centres etc.
So that's my week and by the time i have sat down each evening its been late and I've been tired so this week i have opted to stay safe and make an item of jewellery each night. This is mainly because i know what I'm doing, it doesn't take as much effort (although one piece took over an hour to complete) and also because i needed a few birthday presents for a few friends. I have only put a brief description under each item because it really doesn't take much explanation.
So anyway i hope you like the items, also i have included a few pictures of our stalls at the weekend.
Please feel free to comment and i hope you all have a good week.
OOOOOooooooo its my birthday next Friday so i probably will only have a short description (blog) unless i can organise myself in the week to upload every few night
We'll just have to wait and see
Lots of love

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