Friday, 25 March 2011

Week 11 and 12

Hello all and here i am!!!! No i haven't disappeared off the face of the earth i have been so busy with family life over the past 2 week i decided to upload 2 weeks into one. As you all know i am a mum to 5 children so life can be very hectic so finding the time to sit and type is hard (this is because my spare allocated time has been taken up making craft items instead). So here we have it 2 weeks rolled into one post. This is going to be a lot of pictures (well 14 ) and very minimal typing. I am trying to find every spare second today to write this post so parts of it are being typed while i am having my morning cuppa while feeding a poorly baba and parts are being typed while preparing tea. WHO SAYS WOMEN CAN'T MULTI-TASK!!!!!!.
As i said at the beginning of the post my last 2 weeks have been quite hectic with appointments, presentation evenings/days, parents evenings, toddlers, more appointments etc. I can't even put my finger on one specific busy moment i just know that these past 2 weeks i don't seem to have stopped.
So here we go, please let me know what you think to my items. I am at present in the process of completing a dress so that will be uploaded next week. This has been a project at my sewing class for 2 weeks but i have not yet finished the bias binding so by next Wednesday that will be done and my item for that day.
I thought with this i would have a go at making a headpiece. Not bad for my first attempt. My daughter said she will wear it for a special occasion

This is a small frame with some material added for decoration. I painted the frame gold cut out a dove and covered in material for decoration.

This is one of two boards i made for my daughters vintage stall. She will hang jewellery from this

Board number two. I went for a very vintage british theme

I love this necklace, it has a vintage feel and was quite  simple to make, using up spare bits of broken jewellery and lace.

Another headpiece, this was slightly harder to make due to the flowers, although i do like the finished effect.

A simple headband made for my younger daughter to wear to school.

A matching ring to go with the head band. I used a wire to attach the button then glued the bow onto the button.

A simple cameo ring, this was easy to make and i feel a bit of a cheat saying i made this item because i really only glued the camoe onto a ring base.

Although i glued this dove onto a ring base i cut the dove out of very thin mdf and glued material onto it.

A very british bracelet

A bright las vegas charm bracelet

Again a charm bracelet made with new york style charms

I love this bracelet it has a charming (get it!!!!!) vintage feel. Made with ribbon and chain.
Anyway have a fab week and if any of you Reading this have any suggestions for more (easy) craft ideas please let me know

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