Friday, 11 February 2011

Week 6

This week has been a busy week because not only did we have a lot on i also had 2 of my daughters birthdays. The week started with a trip to the Stitch and Creative craft show at the GMEX. It was really busy and although i was really excited about attending i was slightly disappointed with the show. I hoped there would have been more sewing and wool stalls but unfortunately the majority of stalls were for decoupage and card makers. I made the most of the show and invested in some different craft materials, cards, hat material, wool, jewellery and some material. I spent a FORTUNE but at least i have the opportunity to have a go at some other crafts. Although i was disappointed with the lack of sewing stalls it was a good  day out because i spent the rest of the afternoon in the town shopping. Sunday gave me a chance to wrap some birthday presents and chill a bit, catch up with cleaning and spending some quality time with my other half.
On Monday the first birthday of the week for my now 10 year old mini teenager. Busy day with family dropping by and a tea party so my time was limited but when all the chaos has calmed down and the visitors began to leave i tucked them all up in bed and finally got to my crafts. The rest of the week was a blur, but then again on Thursday my other daughters 8th birthday came. She was overly excited and SO hyper so my evening was taken up with trying to calm her down and because of this her bed time  was extended by 2 hours ARRRRHHHHHHHH. So i really had limited time. But anyway i have finally got to Friday and uploaded, even though it is a lot later than when i usually blog. Here's a run down of what i made on which day (although the pictures are not uploaded in any order).
Saturday i made the bib
Sunday i made the purse
Monday i made the Bunting
Tuesday i made the skirt
Wednesday i made the swim bag
Thursday i made the headband
Friday i made the Laundry bag

Anyway so here's another week gone and I'm still here, so happy viewing and thanks for looking
Oh yes forgot to mention my pictures are not the best and i really need to brush up on this but hope you don't mind the very amature photos.

Lots of love
This was made for my daughters best friends 8th birthday.I was not sure what to make so when i asked my daughter she said her friend LOVES skirts, so her we have it. It took a while to make and when we gave it to her she loved it. I'm not brilliant at taking pictures so i thought i would put 2 on the blog 

This bag was made for my daughter for swimming. I love the material it's really girly so i thought it would be ideal for her. I lined it with a waterproof material so she can throw her wet towel in with no worries of ruining the bag.

This was a quick and simple headband made again for my 8 year old. She loves the material and when i made it she suggested i put a matching star on, so part of this is her design.

I never have too many purses and this helped me to practice my zip technique. I lined it with the same material too so it gives a more professional look.

A cute little applique bib for my baby boy. We need lots of bibs in our house so because they can be quite expensive i decided to cut up an old towel and recycle what i already had. I used a cut out from the material i used for the swim bag and it made a pretty bib.

I made this bag for my little boy. I thought it would make a good laundry bag because his washing always gets mixed up with the girls and because we wash his separately to theirs i thought this would be a good way of keeping it separate.

MY BUNTING!!!! This i really love and as you can see from the picture my little boy loves it too. This has been made to go in his room but while i was taking the picture i put it up in the front room. Its simple to make and i used a pattern out of one of my new books.

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