Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Day 6-13

Wow where has the time gone??  I have been naughty not posting this past week but I have reason. One evening last week I stupidly fell over and hurt my ribs. I must say the pain I've had has been worse than childbirth lol, mostly because it's gone in longer than a few days. I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to pain so therefore I have been taking it easy and have also been laid up for a few days. But this in mind I still have found time to craft, well crochet and make some lovely tutus. My 2 year old little girl is performing her ballet dance this weekend and I was asked to make the tutus for the girls, 9 to be precise. I only manage to capture 4 of the girls wearing the tutus but they look so cute. I also managed to finish off my daughters crocheted top, which is sooooo cute, oh and maybe a few bits of jewellery. I just no matter how poorly cannot craft, unfortunatly or fortunately it's in my nature and without it I would be lost. 
Today I went wool shoping with a friend so one of my next projects is a teddy bear. I quite fancy having a go at amigurumi so just might google patterns tonight. So that's 8 days with 12 items. Not bad for a poorly one lol 

Right tea time is now calling so off to feed the monkeys 

Lots of love. 
Sarah xxx

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