Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Day 14-28th

So I've been off line since 13th but I have good reason. A few weeks ago I fell over and hurt my ribs. ABSOLUTE agony for days.  Still in pain now, then last Monday I got admitted to hospital for a week with cellulitis to my
face. Then to make me happy my other half agreed to letting me have a puppy. 

So I have been making a few bits and bobs still while being poorly. I'll post pictures of my makes at the end. It's been a strange few weeks with everything and the time has just flown by but I've still managed to find time to make some items. The cellulitis in my ear and neck caused so much pain and I was on iv antibiotics for a week.  Still on antibiotics but tablet form now so able to be happy at home. 
So here we go my beautiful creations if somewhat some of them rushed as I wanted to make sure I still made an item each day 

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